Bausonglade - a gardening game 

Co-created :  Alexander king.



Bausonglade is a single player simulation game in which you tend a garden of procedurally generated plants on the back of a giant badger that slowly move around the world. In this game, the player, the plants and the badger together form a symbiotic system and they live or die together. 

The two of us designed this game together. Both of us made prototypes on our own and test our thoughts. The gif on the left is one of the early prototype I made to demonstrate the visual style we want, using 2D sprites to create 3D environment, and a camera that fulfills this goal. The one on the right is our final prototype that shows how player interact with the game world. 

I also made some design documents along the procedural to organize our thoughts and to make sure we were on the same page. Below is one of them, made at the early stage where this game not yet has a name:

The art style of this project was developed while I created them. I was experimenting with using hand-drawn texture in a video game and it turned out to be soft and warm. When designing the player avatar, I started with sketching with pen and paper:

We picked three of them and I made some test idle animations of them:

We decided to use the unhappy ghost after collecting votes from people around us and from social media followers. In later design, we shape the player interaction with our ghost and I started picturing it moving around in the game world:

This project started on September, 2016. We had lots of good ideas and thoughts about this game. However, due to the skill set constrain and our different vision in designing this world, we decided to suspend it.