Cat Mouse Rabbit


Coauthored with Bibi.

Did Design, Storyboard, & Art.

Published on: 《可爱100》《漫友》(magazine "Lovely 100", "Comic Fans", China), 2008 ~ 2012. Also published in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam in 2013 and 2014.

Award: Best Comic for Girls (the 7th Golden Dragon Award, 2010)

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Comic Book 1; Comic Book 2; Comic Book 3; Comic Book 4; Comic Book 5;



Once upon a time there is a pet shop, where all shop assistants are required to wear as pets, at least the ears... It's a funny story about how to get along with animals, maybe. And maybe famous for the little cute pets and exaggerated face expressions on not-so-cute human characters. I found confidence in expressing emotions and controlling reading rhythms. As my first work in comic, most of the pages have been revised, some more than 3 times.

The first print of this series sold out within 3 days after entering the market, and the second print within 7 days, created the record of best selling. All five books sold more than 300,000 copies together, and was a hit in Chinese manga market. Later, it was published in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.

Six months after the comic ended, a novel version was published, with a new short comic episode and more than 30 pieces of illustrations:


After the story finished, Bibi and I were invited to create extra episodes for special themed magazines and collections, such as a cross over with our other graphic novel, Brain Drift.


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