Co-create with Akshai Raj.

Did Direction (co-direct), Game System Design (co-design), Art & Animation, Narrative Design, and UX/UI Design

Showcased at: SxSW EDU 2018.

To Be Released in Oct, 2019.

GhostSchool.exe is a MMO educational game for teaching game design and development in Unity3D engine. In this game, students are “trapped” in an abandon school. They will have to learn from a ghost teach, and in order to gain their freedom back, the students need to finish the assignments and pass the assessment tests.

In 2018, GhostSchool.exe was featured as the teaching tool of Urban Arts Partnership’s proposal, which was granted $4 million by the Education Innovative and Research fund.

In GhostSchool.exe, student can learn new content by watching instructional video, with pause pots inserted, which set by the teacher and raise a related question and require answers to proceed; they can upload their homework and projects to earn badges and complete benchmarks; they can review the content, talk with their classmates, and collaboratively create documents to provide each other some help; they can also earn trophies and decoration pieces by completing exercise games or create high scores in them. Teacher, as the other group of user, can join the classrooms as ghosts, interact with the students, and manage the class and content.

To ease the learning of adapting a digital learning environment, the interaction is designed to be conducted via spatial relationship. Users need to move themselves to a space in the game, for example, classroom, in order to use the related functions, in this case, to learn new knowledge. To interact with another player, the both sides wanting to have that interaction need to be close to each other. And to activate group chat, you’ll book a private room.

There are four major areas in the Ghost School. Classroom is for students to watch video lectures; Library is for reviewing the content, search for tips, and exchange notes; Gym is for “exercising”, with digital arcade games; Dorm is for socializing.

Concepts of user interaction:


The usage of each area:

In 2018, GhostSchool.exe was showcased at SxSW EDU: