In | Two


Co-created with: Burgess Voshell, Denver Coulson, Lily Ling, Michelle L Senteio, Seth S Scott and Zachary Barash

Showcased at : NYU End of Year Show 2016 (May 20, 2016)


In | Two is a cooperative game, in which two players work together and solve spatial puzzles in two similar yet different world. In this project, I made some early prototypes, and later focused on making Concept Art and environment art assets.

This game started as some prompts: spatial, failure unnecessarily be bad, puzzle. We then started to brainstorm and make prototypes around it. On the left is one of my ideas, which is about solving spatial puzzles in a disoriented world inside a Rubik's Cube world. On the right is the paper prototype of it:

magic cube.jpeg

We started thinking about character design at the early stage of designing this game. Since there were lots of possibilities for this game to grow to, I tried a few different style of characters:

At first we picked the fifth one, but later we found that the game was developing to a different path, so we changed to the second one and bended it a little. To differentiate the back and front of the player, we added a nose on the face.

Here are some models I made:

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 11.34.53 AM.png

And the concept of the zodiac navigating system: