Milk & Cookies

Co-created with : Samuel Von Ehren and Michelle L Senteio.

Showcased at : NYC Media Lab 16 Demo Showcase (Sep 22, 2016);  VR JUBILEE NYC ~ VIRTUAL REALITY LAB (Jan 27, 2017); NYU End of Year Show 2016 (May 20, 2016)


"Wake up Alice... Time to escape."

Milk & Cookies is a VR experience -- loosely based on Alice in Wonderland -- that challenges players to solve puzzles and explore space by changing their scale. Players navigate a “creepy candy” colored bedroom from varied perspectives in size to attempt to find the house key and escape the room. 

The puzzle was initially comprised of very strict logic that focused around obtaining assorted items from a vending machine in a specific order. After play testing, we realized that changing sizes had such a dramatic, disconcerting effect on players that they often lost track of the logic. Meanwhile, most people are still unfamiliar with VR environments and getting used to the environment itself may be already challenging. As a result, we simplified the puzzles in this game. This is the Level Design I did for this game:

Visually, we sought to create something that captured Alice in Wonderland’s innocent yet creepy feeling and stuck with an “un-eatable-candy” color palate. And to keep the frame rate high and reduce motion sickness, we used an unlit toon shader on most of the textures. 

On the left is the UI system of this game.

Because it’s difficult to read text in Virtual Reality and the field of view is bent and blurred at the edges, we needed an unconventional UI to guide the experience.

I designed a color inverting “eye” to focus the player’s vision and provide feedback. I modeled a eye in Maya, textured it with a custom shader I made.When the eye overlaps with an interactable object, a shader changes its color to indicate that interactactivity.

I also designed the narrative and wrote the dialogue for this game. When the player looks at an object a voice clip of “Alice”, the player’s character, gets played. This brings the player into the narrative and explains the environment without adding more UI elements.