Co-created with: Samuel Von Ehren.


UnderWater is a game that inspired by a nightmare of mine. 

When I was a kid I usually dreamed myself in an unfamiliar place and trying to escape from the things that hunts me. Sometimes the world was spatially disoriented; sometimes I was floating in the sky and struggling to get down; sometimes there were some obstacles -- behind which I can hide and wait for the dangerous creature to pass. I no longer have these nightmares. It may because I have more control on my real life now than before.

Yet I want to share this experience with you, and hope you can find a way out in this nightmare.

It was once a solo project for a class assignment, and now I'm working on it as my thesis project for my master degree. In February 2017, Sam joined me in this project and took the programing part of it. We share the design tasks on this game, too.

Some experiments:

Design Document:

Underwater Design Doc.png